Tuesday, January 12, 2016


                                                                    Step One Note
  • Brags Doing Drugs 
  • Raunchy Gesters 
  • Bad Behavior  
  • Exploiting Homeless Teen 
Step two Paraphrasing

 Myley Cyrus inappropriate behavior is changing how people look at her. Miley was seen as a positive figure and now is producing inappropriate content for kids. She was disrespectful enough to explode a homeless teen in the Video Music awards of August. 

Step One Note 

  • Myley is a genius 
  • Gole=wealthy 
  • Boundary - pushing 
  • St≥, ole show  

Step two Paraphrasing 

Myley Cyrus wants to be wealthy Superstar. Myley Is a  good business women. She is a boundary pushing teen.An example of her good business chooses by bringing a homeless teen to a public appearance to help people under stand homelessness. 

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