Friday, January 29, 2016




  •           Piranhas live in freshwater 
  •           Lives in the ocean from south America to the river in Venezuela
  •           Stay deep in the ocean away from humans


        Piranhas live in fresh water not in salt water, piranhas usually live in the ocean from south America to the river in  Venezuela. Piranhas are very good in staying away from humans, piranhas usually are one of the only fish that get to the bottom of the ocean.    


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


                                                                    Step One Note
  • Brags Doing Drugs 
  • Raunchy Gesters 
  • Bad Behavior  
  • Exploiting Homeless Teen 
Step two Paraphrasing

 Myley Cyrus inappropriate behavior is changing how people look at her. Miley was seen as a positive figure and now is producing inappropriate content for kids. She was disrespectful enough to explode a homeless teen in the Video Music awards of August. 

Step One Note 

  • Myley is a genius 
  • Gole=wealthy 
  • Boundary - pushing 
  • St≥, ole show  

Step two Paraphrasing 

Myley Cyrus wants to be wealthy Superstar. Myley Is a  good business women. She is a boundary pushing teen.An example of her good business chooses by bringing a homeless teen to a public appearance to help people under stand homelessness.