Friday, December 4, 2015

Authors point of view and purpose


      1) What is the author point of view
              The authors point of view is that people didn't care of the Kenya attack until it hit paris.
                    This is one example "Others said they were going to pray for paris". This is another example "Many people over laid there photos whit red with and blue".  This id the last example "People posted old photos of themselves in front of the eiffel tower". 

        2) Do you agree or disagree with the authors loin of view? Why?
              Yes. I agree because when this attack hit Kenya not one person was talking about it. But when the attack hit paris every one was taking about it and it was also on social media.

       3) The authors purpose is to inform the reader that people don't care about the Kenya attack just the paris attack.
                "People are most likely to care when terrible things happen to people and places to which they feel close" 

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