Friday, November 13, 2015

Exiting Moment


Gulliver's Travel

Chapter 1
In my book Gulliver's Travel, a exciting moment was when Gulliver was working on a ship. That day it was raining, the ship started to lose its balance. Him and other men fell out of the ship. 

He woke up in long grass. He started to walk when he tripped, he discovered that he had a chain on his food and at the end of the chain there were little men. Gulliver then crouched over and saw the little man trying to talk to him. Gulliver did not under stand what the man were saying. He was pulled to there kingdom.

Another exciting moment in my story was when Gulliver got to their kingdom. Gulliver saw a whole miniature town of little men and women and kids. 

Chapter 2
Gulliver woke up from his sleep, he got out of his bed and every thing was normal size now. He was not a giant any more. Gulliver was now the same size as the little people. Gulliver was tough how to speak there language.  

He ran away. There was a rode close to were the town was at. A man and his crew were picking corn. One of the men picked up Gulliver. The man ran home and showed his family.They started to make shows charging people to see the little man. 

Gulliver was the attraction of the town in less than two weeks. He was brought up to the attention of the kings daughter. The king daughter afford the family 1000 golden coins for Gulliver. After that Gulliver spent the rest of his life living in the palace with the king daughter.