Friday, December 4, 2015

Authors point of view and purpose


      1) What is the author point of view
              The authors point of view is that people didn't care of the Kenya attack until it hit paris.
                    This is one example "Others said they were going to pray for paris". This is another example "Many people over laid there photos whit red with and blue".  This id the last example "People posted old photos of themselves in front of the eiffel tower". 

        2) Do you agree or disagree with the authors loin of view? Why?
              Yes. I agree because when this attack hit Kenya not one person was talking about it. But when the attack hit paris every one was taking about it and it was also on social media.

       3) The authors purpose is to inform the reader that people don't care about the Kenya attack just the paris attack.
                "People are most likely to care when terrible things happen to people and places to which they feel close" 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Exiting Moment


Gulliver's Travel

Chapter 1
In my book Gulliver's Travel, a exciting moment was when Gulliver was working on a ship. That day it was raining, the ship started to lose its balance. Him and other men fell out of the ship. 

He woke up in long grass. He started to walk when he tripped, he discovered that he had a chain on his food and at the end of the chain there were little men. Gulliver then crouched over and saw the little man trying to talk to him. Gulliver did not under stand what the man were saying. He was pulled to there kingdom.

Another exciting moment in my story was when Gulliver got to their kingdom. Gulliver saw a whole miniature town of little men and women and kids. 

Chapter 2
Gulliver woke up from his sleep, he got out of his bed and every thing was normal size now. He was not a giant any more. Gulliver was now the same size as the little people. Gulliver was tough how to speak there language.  

He ran away. There was a rode close to were the town was at. A man and his crew were picking corn. One of the men picked up Gulliver. The man ran home and showed his family.They started to make shows charging people to see the little man. 

Gulliver was the attraction of the town in less than two weeks. He was brought up to the attention of the kings daughter. The king daughter afford the family 1000 golden coins for Gulliver. After that Gulliver spent the rest of his life living in the palace with the king daughter. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

story element influents

Fantastic Four                                                                                                        Efren Lopez

The tittle of my book is the Fantastic Four. The setting influents my character because he is in hell. The little boys body is in the world but when he opens his eyes he is in hell trapped his mind is trapped in hell. The little boy was scared he was told he was in bed but he didn't see his parents he saw demons. But he heard his parents voice.

The conflict makes a big impact on the mother of my main character the mother started crying because her son is in hell but his body is up in earth with them. The fantastic four was also felling sad they felt like it was there fault that the kid was trapped in hell. Some thing else that impacted my main character was the death of his father. His father died in front of him trying to rescue him.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Story Elements

Welcome to another weekly blog by E.L         

These week i was reading a poem on good sport man ship. This book was written By Richard Armour.  I learned that to show that i got it u must lose a game (not that i agree with that). I did like how this poem was truing to encourage good sport man ship. Which i think that is true people need to under stand that if they lose hoe to be a good sport man ship.